2011-10: Half my life after actually graduating from Rangitoto College, I was inducted into the Rangitoto College Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame (the "Summit Academy"):

2011-02: Interviewed by Voice of America (English Edition) about Internet freedom and social change.

2011-02: Interviewed by Voice of America (Korean Edition) about taking Open CourseWare to North Korea. “북한 대학, 고도의 자료 공유체계 구축” -- 유미정 기자 (Korean language only) [transcript] [recording]

2011-02: Meet TED Fellow Luke Hutchison, Computational Biologist. Huffington Post.

2010-12: TED Fellow Seeks Collaborative "Magic" and Cancer Cure (and Might Actually Have a Shot), interview on Fast Company by Jenara Nerenberg.

2010-10: Interviewed by 60 Minutes New Zealand along with brother David Hutchison about participation in Singularity University's Graduate Summer Program in 2009 and 2010.

Singularity University on 60 Minutes New Zealand from Luke Hutchison on Vimeo.

2010-01: Mentioned in a Popular Science article about Singularity University: Greetings from Future Camp

2009-04: Quoted a couple of times in a Scientific American article about plug computing and the SheevaPlug: "Hackers Weigh In: 8 Things To Do With A Mini-Server".  ["Alpha geek"?  I'll take it :) ]