More than 20 recommendations can be viewed and verified by connecting with me on LinkedIn. Unfortunately LinkedIn does not allow recommendations to be posted on a public profile, so I am copying some of the recommendations here for reference. (Recommendations are all from LinkedIn except as otherwise noted.)


“Luke has done an excellent and creative job in devising a new approach to WSD (word sense disambiguation). It incorporates the idea of using the hierarchy in WordNet to use synsets at higher levels of the hierarchy if one does not exist for the surface form. It can use sets of features at each level of the hierarchy. It also incorporates the idea of iteratively improving WSD assessments for a word after tentatively resolving other words in the sentence. These are creative ideas and have the potential to improve WSD accuracy. He has been a strong voice in Descartes group discussions and provides valuable ideas, literature citations and valued judgments on issues.” Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering, Machine Intelligence, Google Inc. [from performance review]

Harvard / MIT:

“Luke Hutchison is that rarest of thinkers: Highly creative and yet technically very deep and well grounded in the scientific and methodological accomplishments of his predecessors and contemporaries. His willingness to take on projects that interest him outside the field of his primary training is only second to his success at effecting truly breakthrough approaches to these endeavors. I have seen him successfully pursue projects in genomics and in vertebrate development employing a broad armamentarium of computing techniques and insights while truly advancing the state of the art. Any collaborations that include him will be fortunate indeed. He is outstanding.” Isaac Kohane, Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard Medical School

“I am pleased to write this brief note of support for the admission of Luke Hutchison to Singularity U (great name!). I do so on the basis of having worked with him on a research project over the last year. He has taken on a transformative challenge: decoding at least part of the developmental intercellular "code" by integrating data from the genome of the C. elegans worm, the fate map of each cell of the same worm and expression studies ofvarious sorts. His approach has been bold, well-reasoned, if high risk, and very creative. Moreover, the entire research plan has been his and the preliminary results are somewhere between intriguing and inspiring. This only after less than 6 months work. I am quite convinced that Luke is one of the brightest students I have worked with (and I have mentored over 30 graduate students at Harvard and MIT). Combined with his creativity and leadership in pursuing novel ideas, I am quite confident in describing him as an outstanding candidate. I recommend him with enthusiasm and without reservation. Finally, I would like to editorialize that the field of biomedical research in in sore need of some truly breakthrough ideas and it is only with individuals like Luke that we have a chance to achieve such.” Isaac Kohane, Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard Medical School -- recommendation letter accompanying application to Singularity University

BYU Provo:

Luke Hutchison is one of the top students we have graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Brigham Young University. Luke completed his M.S. degree here and then went on to do a PhD at MIT.
        Luke had an amazing thirst for knowledge, even as an undergraduate student. I remember clearly him asking me a question about a problem on an Exam in Digital Signal and Image Processing. He added "I don't care about the points, I just want to understand the concepts I might be missing on the problem." That also characterized Luke's inquisitive nature as he began his graduate work with me.
        Having a natural interest in Family History and pattern recognition, Luke began exploring new techniques for handwriting recognition. However, rather than simply replowing ground someone else had turned over, Luke wanted to try a whole new approach.
        He began by checking out a book on the psychology of handwriting to get a deeper understanding of how we write and why we write the way we do. This led him to explore the formation of stokes, identifying elemental "stroke primitives" in the process. Once detected, these strokes primitives were assembled to create higher level strokes, etc. that would lead to the unique description of individual characters, n-grams, and eventually words.
        This was a brilliant insight and approach to a very challenging and unsolved problem. In fact, it really was an instantiation of "token sets" that we believed were key to realizing the goals of AI applied to handwriting recognition. Indeed, it was in spirit, what we have now come to see in Convolutional Neural Networks and the resulting break-throughs we have seen with Deep Learning. However, at the time, we just didn't have the computational resources to pull this off. Luke's stroke primitive computation brought all of the machines in our research lab to their knees. But Luke was clearly ahead of his time in this important work.
        As it was, Luke went on to do an M.S. thesis on "Fast Registration of Tabular Document Images using the Fourier-Mellin Transform." It was a ground-breaking piece of work that produced a unified solution to document deskewing (both in-plane and out-of plane) as well as document registration. In the process, Luke created a novel way of subtracting out uneven background using Median Filter Subtraction and of recovering the original tabular form, even though it was covered with handwriting - all at the sub-pixel level. The contributions could easily have been developed into a Dissertation. It was of that level and quality. But Luke needed to move on to MIT and continue to develop his gifts and talents there.
        While he was working on his thesis, Luke was also involved in DNA research, because it was interesting to him. As stated earlier, Luke has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the drive needed to realize his goals and ambitions.
        Because of Luke's long-standing interest in Family History Technology, I invited him back to give a keynote talk at the Family History Technology Workshop in association with Rootstech in Salt Lake City. Luke spoke about the power of sponsored competitions to move technology forward, citing a competition sponsored by a New York Hotel owner, offering $25K to the first person to fly across the Atlantic. Lindbergh took the challenge and garnered the purse, launching an entire multi-trillion dollar industry. That talk by Luke, and the ideas put forth in it, were instrumental to also launching the Innovator's summit at Rootstech, that ironically now offers $25K for the top technology advance.
        Luke is currently involved in a private, self-funded enterprise that will have a great impact on the world of Computer Science. I am confident that Luke will pull it off, because his brain and  determination won't let him do otherwise. And, I believe that Luke's finest contributions are yet to come.
        - Bill Barrett, Professor of Computer Science, Brigham Young University

"Co-conspirators" -- people I have worked on projects with:

“You may have heard of '10x programmers', Luke is a 100x programmer and entrepreneur. Four years ago, I spoke with him about an idea for an algorithm that could eventually reshape some of the cultural values associated with the Real Estate industry for the better. There were many setbacks, we had to work with complex and dirty data to come up with a something that had to be not only functional, but also had to have an unusually high amount of accuracy. On top of all that, Luke had no background in Real Estate and had to learn everything as we went along. Today, we’re standing here as a team with what I can only describe as a feat in engineering technology. In addition to that, we just had the world’s first true algorithmic audit done by a third party agency and it passed with flying colors.” Yale Fox, CEO and founder, Rentlogic

“Luke is one of the brightest and most engaged people I have ever worked with. His energy and enthusiasm for ideas and projects is infectious. Having decided upon a goal, he simply makes it happen, and his talent and his dedication together bring amazing results. Luke and I were good friends at high school, where we worked together on a number of projects including the construction and simulation of an autonomous robot vehicle and the design and implementation of several different styles of programming language. I've recently regained contact with him, and the things he's achieved over the past decade and a half are staggering. I know him to be committed not only to the work in front of him, but also to his friends, his family, and the wider community. He understands how to bring people together to explore new ground or to get things done. I recommend him without hesitation, and look forward to future collaborative work with him. I will be following his career with great interest.” Tony Garnock-Jones, PhD candidate, NorthEastern University, Programming Languages Group.  (Huge joint science project conducted in high school, neural simulation of robot vehicles.)

“Luke is one of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. He has the ideal combination of talent, training, and drive. There are a handful of people I would consider to be on par with Luke, not more. His resume understates his achievements, as is frequently the case. His language skills and affability make him a natural leader. His grasp of current trends in industries as widely varied as computational biology and international politics gives him an uncanny sense of future technology. Finally, he is relentlessly driven to succeed.” David Hubbard, Senior Software Engineer, Integrated Digital

"Luke Hutchison is *truly* a global citizen. Yes--he is fluent in four languages, including Mandarin and Korean. But more than his expansive knowledge base, Luke has a stratum of global conscientiousness and pure concern for the welfare of his fellowman that permeates every scheme and every goal that he devises. His capacity for integrational thinking is outstanding, and he will absolutely be a source for the type of innovative and convergent problem solving that will literally change the world for the better." Michael Ferguson, PhD candidate in bioengineering and neuroscience, University of Utah

Singularity University -- Staff/Faculty:

“Luke has a supernova mind with an encyclopedic understanding of the world. He's a warm and generous person... and may win a Nobel Prize one day.” Bruce Klein, Founding Architect, Singularity University

"I had the opportunity to observe and interact with Luke last summer at NASA Ames while I was the Academic Director for the 2009 Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University. Luke stood out among his classmates as one of the best and the brightest from the inaugural class of 2009. A facilitator who does not seek the spotlight, he often strives to resolve conflict and find solutions to hard problems. Luke's capacity to synthesize concepts and ideas and not shy away from asking hard questions has earned him the respect and admiration of his peers." Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, Director of Academic Affairs, Singularity University

Singularity University -- Fellow Students:

“One of the most gifted techies I have ever met. Brilliant, dedicated, and would do a amazing amounts of work for a goal he believes in. Fun to work with, enthusiastic and super-smart - a great resource for any endevour.” Shai Machnes, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“Luke is absolutely brilliant and among his many talents, his deep understanding of computer science and machine learning are second to none. He is the kind of person that you can always count on to see what everyone else have missed. His ability to understand complex issues and systems is also incredible and unquestionable. Talented, driven and kind, working with him at Singularity University was both a pleasure and a honor. I hope our paths will cross again soon!” Rod Furlan, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“I was privileged to meet Luke last summer at NASA Ames. He was one of 40 extremely gifted people selected to attend Singularity University GSP-09 inaugural class. Luke is both a profound theoretical thinker and a practical no-nonsense scientist. More importantly, he is a very caring person who genuinely strives to positively impact the lives of as many as possible unfortunate fellow humans. I'm confident Luke would succeed in any mission he'd decide to tackle whether in academics or industry. As a natural leader he's destined to great achievements and a meaningful career and I'm looking forward to potential cooperation in the future.” Yitzhack Schwartz, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“Luke was in many the emblematic Singularity University colleague. He consistently took initiative, he worked hard to organize the students (and the faculty!). More importantly, Luke proved himself time and again to be the kind of thinker who is valuable in any setting, whether academic or professional. He is a natural-born problem solver and he shows a great ability to work with a range of people, bringing them together on ideas, projects and implementations/executions.” Christian L. Tom, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“There are few people who I would say do not need recommendations, Luke is such an individual. It does not take long after meeting him to know your in the presence of a remarkable individual. His integrity and selflessness is immediately apparent in his actions and demeanor. I am honored to have worked with him and to have him has a friend, he will do good things for this world, for any gift to him is a gift to others. Luke has my highest recommendation, anyone lucky enough to work with him can not help but learn from his example.” Holley L. Abrams, M.D., Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“Luke is an incredibly versatile human being with a deep penchant for the undiscovered. Curiosity is a common enough trait, but ones with the perseverance to convert it into mastery are rare. I fully expect Luke one day to achieve a critical mass of acquired knowledge and do something worthy for Earth. Anything less would be unfortunate for someone as well-meaning and talented as he is.” Zubin Wadia, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“Luke amazed me while we attended Singularity University with his insightful questions and his unique approach to problem solving. Luke is focused and can use his programming skills to meet clients needs. He wants to change the world and has the motivation, knowledge, skills and drive to do so. Luke is an empathetic and thoughtful friend and an asset to any team of which he is a member.” Bj Price, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

“Luke is not only a proactive and organized all-around tech geek but he is also an inspiring individual with the capacity, tenacity, as well as the global vision required to be a profound innovator. He is an open minded and extremely talented individual with a rare mesh of qualities, a deep sense of courage and passion, which is necessary to be a technology vanguard. During my time with Luke at Singularity University, I learned a great deal from him and I remain confident that he will undoubtedly go on to achieve great things in the years to come.” Timothy Coleman, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

"Luke is a very apt and skillful student and coworker. He has an affinity to details and deals with complex problems very well. He memorizes many things very quickly and efficiently, connects facts from multiple disciplines, and finds alternative solutions. He then explains the issues in a very detailed manner. As a person Luke is very reliable and giving. He naturally helps people in good and bad times sacrificing his private time. It is a pleasure and a good luck to have him as a friend." Justyna Zander, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

"Luke is brilliant, dedicated, and caring person. He is deeply committed to applying technology to make the world a better place, and he has the engineering and mathematical chops to do it. I was privileged to study and work with him as a fellow student at Singularity University. There, even among a class of tremendously smart and accomplished people, Luke stood out for the quality of his ideas and his willingness to burn the late-night oil to make them come to life." Sarah Sclarsic, Inaugural Class (GSP-09), Singularity University

Software Engineering Intern, Google Book Search Team at Google:

“Luke did an outstanding job as an intern building a scalable genre identification engine for books based on their metadata and content. He showed great enthusiasm and technical skill. I remember countless discussions about interesting ideas he had over a large range of topics.” Guillaume Poncin, Software Engineer, Google 

“I had chance to work with Luke while he was intern at Google working on the book project. I can honestly say that Luke is one of the most talented, and hard working people I've ever worked with. He did implemented subject classifier which run over entire corpus of books in just a bit more than two months which is a big undertake. He focused not only on functionality, but also the performance paying a lot of attention to the detail. Luke is great researcher and engineer to. He was really pleasant to work with and everybody in group enjoyed talking to him regardless if it was about work, research or every day topics. Also he was always happy to share knowledge, and do cool hacks, so one week just for fun he swigged the leptonica (opensource C image processing library) so he show to original author it his library may be called from Java :-) It was real pleasure working with Luke and hopefully one day our roads cross again.” Nemanja Spasojevic, Software Engineer, Google Inc.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation:

“Luke has excellent talents that he can convert into a superior product. He has the ability to see both the big picture and the tiny details that need to happen to accomplish the final priduct. I would recommend him highly and would not hesitate at all to bring him back to our company. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.” Scott Woodward, Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

“I had the opportunity to work with Luke in the same non-profit organization researching ways to connect people using a combination of genetic and genealogical tool. We worked together for more than four years. I know Luke well and I am extremely impressed with his talent, vision, self-motivation, and continual pursuit for excellence. He never stopped impressing me, working long hours into the night developing software that would better crunch the data we collected for our worldwide database. He is a team worker, but he can also work very under by himself. He is also a leader as people around him listened to him carefully and were impressed by his insights and contribution to the project. I greatly admire Luke as a professional, scientist, colleague, and friend. I truly wish that in the future I will be able to have a chance to work with him again on another project and I know that he will excel in any capacity, job, or organization he may find himself working for. I recommend Luke with no reservations.” Ugo Perego, Director of Operations and Study Research Coordinator, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation 

"I worked with Luke for 3 years while he was employed at the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. Luke is extremely bright, hard working, and enjoyable to work with. He is an expert problem solver, possessing a rare combination of creativity and technical expertise that enable him to develop and implement innovative solutions to difficult problems. I highly recommend Luke with confidence he will add significant value to any team he joins." Natalie Myres, Director of Research and Development, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

BYU Provo:

“Luke's breadth and depth of understanding are extraordinary. I once briefed him on some research I was doing in an area he knew little about, and he soon was offering valuable insights. Luke is likely to make major contributions to whatever field he invests himself in.” Tom Sederberg, Professor, Brigham Young University

Rangitoto College:

“I wrote the following reference for Luke when he left Rangitoto College in 1993. I have known Luke since 1990 during which time I have followed his interest in computers. This year he has been a student in one of my classes. Luke would rate as one of the most outstanding and talented students I have seen in ten years of teaching. He is intelligent, articulate and industrious. His work is always of the highest quality. Luke grasps complex technical concepts with ease. His knowledge of computers is unquestionable and his excellent programming skills transcend a variety of levels and platforms. Luke’s problem solving shows good interpretation, initiative and an ability to provide workable solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke as a suitable candidate to any prospective employer.” Don Hastie, Teacher (now Associate Principal), Rangitoto College